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LONDON, ENGLAND   Travel Dates** August 2 - August 30

The History of London

If you want to understand English society and culture in the early modern and modern period, if you want to become well acquainted with a true ‘world city’ like London, and if you want to see Shakespeare performed in his theatre, then join me this summer for an unforgettable five weeks. A tentative itinerary for the four weeks in London will give you a good idea of what's in store!   

     London will be our classroom. While we will gather a few mornings a week for background lectures and discussions, we will often be on the move, traveling around the metropolis on foot and by bus.  But in short order, you too will become adept at navigating about the city.

Professor:              Thomas Cogswell, History

Host Institution:     To be determined in London, England

     Britain 1485 - 1760 (4 units)
 History 151

     Modern Britain (4 units)
     History 152


ATHENS, GREECE      Travel Dates* June 30 - July 28

Society, Politics, and Cult in Early Greece (1600-479 BCE)

This travel study program has two, mutually implicated emphases: the first, chronological, Greece ca. 1600-479 BCE; the second, thematic, the history of ancient Greek religion. Major Mycenaean and emerging city-state settlements, above all Athens, will serve as our primary laboratory for exploring central questions about the relationship between politics, society, and cult in Greek antiquity. The program balances lectures and readings in primary sources with visits to important archaeological sites and museums in Athens and Attica (e.g., new Acropolis museum, Eleusis), the Peloponnese (e.g., Olympia, Sparta), and central Greece (e.g., Lefkandi, Delphi, Thermopylae). While the program focuses on antiquity, Byzantine, Ottoman, and modern period sites and museums will also be visited in order to offer a fuller picture of Greek history and religion (e.g., Dimitsana Water Power Museum, Mystras).

Professor:              Denver Graninger, History

Host Institution:    The Athens Centre,
                                  Athens, Greece

     The Greek City-State (4 units)
 History 191Z

     Special Studies: Sanctuary, Festival, and Cult in Ancient Greece (4 units)
     History 190


ROME, ITALY     Travel Dates* June 30 - July 26

Rome: The Eternal City

“What is all history other than the praise of Rome?” – Petrarch

Rome offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to study ancient history, literature, archaeology and art at first hand. By studying and visiting archaeological sites and museums, students can see the complexity, originality and contribution of the Romans through the physical remains of its culture. The city of Rome, the largest in the ancient Mediterranean world, was a multifaceted urban setting, the remains of which have influenced writers, thinkers, artists, architects and historians for centuries. The courses proposed take advantage of the city to excite students as they engage with the Roman past.

Professor:             Michele R. Salzman, History

Host Institution:    American University in Rome,
                                 Rome, Italy

     History 110 

     Rome: The Eternal City
     History 190


MADRID, SPAIN     Travel Dates* June 28 - July 26

Major Moments in Spanish Culture and History (Cumbres de la Cultura e Historia de España)

Spend four weeks exploring modern Madrid and environs, with ready access to three of the great museums of Europe. Take in theater productions, films, and perhaps travel afterward on a high-speed train to Sevilla or Barcelona. Four weekly walking tours to sites of interest will orient you to the riches of the capital, while the three weekly excursions by chartered bus will take you to places of great historical and cultural importance, such as Toledo, the historic capital of the country; Segovia with its monumental Roman aqueduct; Ávila, the walled city of Santa Teresa; and Salamanca, with its historic university and irreplaceable plateresque façades.

In the classroom and beyond, the focus will be on the greats of Spanish history, literature, painting, music, and film. And the greatest of these is Cervantes and his Don Quixote. See where he was born, married, buried, and three former residences. This is a land of enchantment where the spirit of Don Quixote lives on. Prof. and Dr. Parr have conducted this program for seven consecutive summers. 

Professor:             James Parr, Hispanic Studies

Host Institution:    Colegio Mayor Universitario Jaime del Amo
                                 Madrid, Spain

     Spanish Culture and Civilization in Spain (4 units)
     SPN 103

     Directed Study (4 units)
     SPN 190


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND Travel Dates** August 2 - 30

Embedded Systems Education in Switzerland 

Have you ever wanted to travel to Switzerland? This exciting 4-week program provides an international experience for upper-division UC Riverside students majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering. Students who participate in this program will travel to the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) on the shores of Lake Geneva. At EPFL, students will take two upper-division computer science and electrical engineering courses for credit.

Professor:             Philip Brisk, Computer Science & Engineering

Host Institution:    Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL),
                                 Lausanne, Switzerland

Course Options:       
     Introduction to Embedded Systems (5 units)
     CS/EE 120B
     Independent Studies (3 units)
     CS 193 or EE 190


     Senior Capstone Design (4 units)
     CS 179J
     Independent Studies (4 units)
     CS 193 or EE 190

 *This is a 5-week Summer Session I course (June 23-July 26) which will require some academic work prior to departure.

** This is a 5-week Summer Session II course (July 28-August 30) which will require some academic work prior to departure.


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