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Global experience has a greater impact on professional and personal success than ever before, so students are smart to look for opportunities that will enrich their cultural appreciation. The Summer Study Abroad program was designed to offer students the cultural experience they need to stay competitive while taking classes that will keep them on academic track or get ahead!

The program offers UC Riverside campus courses from the General Catalog, taught by UC Riverside faculty, at an off-campus location during a five-week session in the summer. The courses can satisfy general education requirements and/or keep you on track with your coursework for your major or minor.

With so many options now available for student travel, the UCR Summer Sessions Office prides itself on offering programs which hold three components to the highest standards:


While the Study Abroad Program offers regular courses at an international campus, the course expectations are very high. Students can expect to work hard to achieve the grade they desire. The curriculum for a Summer Sessions course is compressed into fewer weeks with classes meeting more frequently to maintain the required number of contact hours between the instructor and the student. Students earn the same unit value per course taken through Summer Study Abroad as those taught during the regular academic year, except that they are taught in half the time.


In addition to ensuring that each program offers courses and field-study opportunities designed to maximize exposure and contact with the local community, programs are reviewed carefully to ensure that they fulfill academic expectations without compromising safety. In as much as possible, every request is made and confirmed to secure the highest level of safety for our students throughout their participation. Accommodations and travel contracts are intended to keep our students at a relatively familiar level of comfort while still keeping the experience tangible to the cultural surroundings.


Who better than our own UC Riverside faculty to develop a program that will provide students with courses that come to life in the setting of each location? Every program offered was carefully designed by our faculty to make use of their professional contacts and experience with the host institution and/or program location. Our faculty masterfully blends the academic rigors of courses with location resources to provide students with the best of each: academics, travel, language, and culture. Students can earn up to 8 units of credit for the summer study abroad, and they will also earn lifelong rewards and priceless memories from the experience.

Please note: Admission to UCR's Summer Sessions, and any of its special programs, is a separate and distinct procedure from admission to regular status in the University and does not carry a guarantee of admission to that regular status. For information concerning admission to a regular quarter, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (951) 827-3411, or for graduate status, contact the Dean of the Graduate Division at (951) 827-2238.

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